Diarmuid P Ryan is an Associate of Record for TRACOM Group, the authors of the Social Style Model TM, the proven tool for building interpersonal effectiveness.

The TRACOM Group’s Social Style Model™ is a tool used to address a variety of business problems and support strategic initiatives including:

  • Corporate Culture Aligment
  • Mergers & Acquisitions
  • Six Sigma & Quality Initiatives
  • Leadership & Succession programs
  • Downsizing
  • Employee Retention

This model is the most rigorously tested and practical approach for identifying and building interpersonal skills in business and organizational settings. It helps to enhance a person’s ability to understand, cooperate and modify behaviour to be more effective in interacting with a diverse range of people.

Diarmuid uses the Social Style Training to develop skills that can be immediately applied to business settings. Such training is very individual and personalised and participants immediately pur their new skills to productive work in all aspects of their lives.

 Social Style – The Tracom Group: http://www.tracomcorp.com/