About Right Hand HR

Right Hand HR tailors services to meet your needs.  We believe that every organisation is different, and faces different challenges.

One size does not fit all so our specially designed HR solutions for SME’s that need peace of mind, and to know that all their HR compliance needs are met and maintained. We also have HR solutions for established companies that may have minimum HR in-house support.

Our services  will not only save you time and alleviate the stress and worry that HR problems can bring, but through our personal and professional service, we give you the knowledge, confidence and essential paperwork to be able to manage your employees day in, day out.

Right Hand HR – We are people specialists who partner with businesses to help them to grow. We are different because we take a structured and simplified approach to ensure that you maximise your business potential through your people. We do this by using our expertise in strategy, management support and litigation prevention. Basically, we simplify and solve your HR headaches.

In a nutshell: SIMPLIFY

S – Structure and Strategy
I – Information you need to know to run your business
M – Management support and Mediation
P – People development
L – Litigation and how to avoid it
I – Industry knowledge and Experience
F – Future growth and planning
Y – You and your business