The advantage of using workplace mediation is that it allows a problem to be resolved informally, by ensuring that all sides are heard.  The process also means that participants are involved in finding an agreed solution as they work together to solve the problem.

Conflict in any organisation can do enormous damage. Mistakenly, disputes are often left to fester and thereby become more difficult to resolve. We recommend that qualified mediators be brought into disputes as early as possible to increase the chances of achieving a successful outcome and therefore a more productive organisation. The results are that very challenging disputes can be quietly resolved, working relationships can be restored and the people concerned can return to full productivity. This can all be achieved without unpleasant publicity, unwanted delays and unacceptable bills.


Mediation is a process to resolve issues using an independent, trained and experienced mediator. The aim is to help the parties in dispute come to an agreement in a safe, confidential and trusting environment.

We will do this in a cost-effective way without recourse to the often expensive and frictional legal route. Research shows that 82% of disputes are successfully resolved through mediation.

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