Mary was responsible for introducing a Performance Management Plan at Voxpro Ltd.   She developed the tool kit and trained all the managers in how to get the best from the meetings. 

After implementing this program, we saw results. Managers began having long overdue discussions and we began seeing improvement.   The overall results were that managers and employees all felt that they  had a voice and felt that the company cared about them and were given opportunities to develop their skills at the company.

Gerald O’Mahony,
Member of the Board

Mary Ryan joined Voxpro Ltd as HR Director in January 2012. The company had just gone through a period of rapid growth and required the services of an experienced HR professional to bring it to the next phase in its development and growth. Mary set to work on building a very competent HR Department which went on to support a growth rate of 45% in employment from January 2012 to May 2013. In the process, state of the art HR systems and procedures were put in place and a whole range of employee benefits/development opportunities were put in place for members of staff. This contributed in no small way to Voxpro winning (1) a top award at Deloitte Best Managed Companies Gala event in the Burlington Hotel, Dublin on March 1st 2013 and (2) also winning a growing reputation as Employer of Choice for multilingual technical support personnel in Ireland.

On completion of Mary’s extended contract with Voxpro, during which she made important contributions to various projects to help grow and develop the company, she has left the company in a position to build on the sound platform she has helped to create.  Voxpro is now moving on to the next stage of its development which will involve significant scaling. Voxpro was fortunate to have been able to avail of the services of someone of the calibre of Mary Ryan.

Tony Foy, Chairman, Voxpro Ltd.

Mary is a HR practitioner with a strong sense of integrity and professionalism. She is customer focussed and was always keen to bring the highest standards to the working environment both for the benefit of the business and employees but also in the development of her HR team.

Jacquie Hamilton, HR Director –  managed Mary indirectly at TalkTalk Group